Red Rock Canyon NCA

Las Vegas Nevada is a lavish playground with casinos, bright lights and entertainment in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Just minutes from
the Strip there’s a little known national and natural treasure that offers a different kind of Vegas experience, Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area.

“Well it’s really convenient. It’s only 15 miles outside of Las Vegas, which is an easy place for us to fly into,” said Andy Boyles, a tourist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. “The views here are just as good as you’d get in virtually any National Park.”

Red Rock Canyon is 195,000 acres of sandstone and limestone cliffs, pristine desert, riparian areas and juniper forests. It’s a spectacular backdrop for outdoor recreation and a quick escape from the hustle of Vegas. Here hundreds of volunteers help to conserve and protect both wildlife and signs of ancient culture before they disappear forever.

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