SHEC has over the years, with funding from Sustainable Technology Development Canada

and private investment, developed a number of solar energy innovations with it’s own lab and help from various corporate and university associates.

Some points of interest as explained to me by the company president Tom Beck require engineering consultancy or expertise in the field for full appreciation.

1. SHEC’s technology is a game-changer globally. 95% heat retention efficiency is had at the cylindrical focal point of the solar parabolic concentrator (solar receiver).

This compares to 40%-50% what is used by utilities today. This allows more energy to be converted to steam and electricity compared to other technologies.

2. When the solar technology is scaled up, SHEC’s internal building costs with specialized/patented manufacturing process are about 8 cents per KW/hour in ideal sunlight. Nothing we know of in the world compares to this. An engineer to engineer discussion is requested to explain details and possible arrange demonstrations or other technical proof.

3. SHEC has a proprietary liquid that stores heat at 850 degrees Celsius, compared to molten salt at 450 degrees. This has enormous implications for baseload power and can completely change the nature of energy storage markets globally.

SHEC has a subsidiary in the US which was part of the Obama administrations trade mission to India recently, which resulted in the on going negotiations with a large Indian utility. SHEC has also been part of a Canada sponsored trade mission to South Africa and is has an MOU for a solar farm there.

SHEC is a unique Canadian company that is set to be a global block-buster over the medium term. Investment is required to complete a due diligence phase leading to a major JV in China and a JV with Cleanergy to advance the solar-sterling hybrid waterless engine. A press release on this is one SHEC’s website.

Here below is a presentation link with password where Tom Beck describes SHEC’s advantages.


I would like to introduce you to SHEC Energy Corporation.

SHEC Energy has developed the World's most efficient Solar Thermal generation technology.

This disruptive next generation technology can generate up to 24 hours a day of power from sunlight at about 1/2 the cost of competing technologies.

According the International Energy Agency, $26.3 trillion must be spent by 2030 to meet growing energy needs.

SHEC Energy will be able to fill part of this need.

A 15 minute video presentation may be viewed on the following secure presentation web page:

user: shec

pass: business

There is an early stage investment opportunity for accredited investors prior to SHEC closing its major deals. Is there room for a discussion?

To learn more, please contact:

Constantine Kritsonis

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