Rainwater Harvesting Tanks for GWU

This idea calls for rainwater harvesting and recycling tanks to be put into use at George Washington University. DC accumulates large amounts of rainwater after rainy days and storms. In DC and across the globe, tanks have been put into place that collect water from gutters and either store it for later use or recycle it for "grey water" purposes. Not only is this very economical, but it dramatically decreases the water consumption per household or building. Also, it will prevent rainwater runoff from polluting rivers.

GWU is becoming a greener campus, focusing on sustainability, and I believe that saving and recycling water is a key method that will have great results. Rainwater tanks can be placed underneath new constructions and beside other buildings on campus, and will be complete with water filters to ensure the water from gutters is relatively clean. This water can then be stored of reused for toilet water, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, outdoor fountains, and sprinklers.

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