Protecting Neighborhoods From Wildfire

Water is pumped out of a pond or swimming pool, or from a fire truck tanker. It is pumped into a grid of hoses that are deployed, in a neighborhood, from reels on trucks. The hoses have two chambers. One chamber is used for moving the water and the other chamber has holes in its walls which create a spray of water that comes out of the hose to put out fire.

The spray can be enabled or disabled, by remote control, in each segment of hose between Valve Boxes (which are shown in blue in the figure). The homes are orange, the pump is red, the streets are gray, and the water source is blue.

The hoses have a wire pair that is embedded in the hose walls. The wire pair supports an Ethernet type of digital network that allows for the remote control of the Valve Boxes. The system would be inexpensive and can be seen at

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