Proper Disposal of Toxic Medical Waste

Medical Waste is accumulated extremely quickly due to the fact that most medical supplies are used only once to ensure patient safety. While this practice may safeguard individuals, the ramifications for the environment are less than desirable. Medical waste, including bio-hazardous materials, is an ever accumulating pollutant that jeopardizes the health of our planet.

My video introduces innovative ideas that offer possible solutions to help stop illegal and harmful disposal of medical waste. The main innovations introduced in this video submission include reducing the amount of medical supplies used in the operating room (all of it has to be disposed of even if it is not used), reusing medical equipment that can be reused again (linens, robes, etc.), donating "used" medical equipment that is still considered sterile to developing countries, and transforming toxic medical waste into non-toxic recyclable waste by using the chemical Chlorine Dioxide. By putting these few innovative ideas into action the world will accumulate less toxic waste and the toxic waste it does accumulate will be disposed of properly and efficiently.

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