Prescription foods: Healthy feeding toward a better future

Bob Cat and Allan Gandelman stand side-by-side holding a large basket of colorful produce picked from their fields. A lush green field of vegetables extends behind them.

Co-owners of Main Street Farms, Bob Cat (left) and Allan Gandelman (right) hold up produce at their farm in upstate New York. (Courtesy of Main Street Farms)

Access to healthy food is a struggle for millions of people throughout the United States, and figuring out how to adequately address the issue is a contentious debate throughout the public sphere. A lack of access to healthy food also contributes to disproportionate health outcomes. Though this is the case in many communities, there is an emerging practice that shows promise in helping to improve the health and longevity of low-income Americans in an affordable and practical system. This story outlines how an organic farm and a nonprofit health coalition in Cortland, N.Y., have partnered with each other to implement a system of prescription foods to serve people with low incomes in their community.

Click below to learn more about the intersections of organic farming and health outcomes in upstate New York. 

Prescription Foods: Healthy Feeding Towards a Better Future

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