Piezoelectric Technologies

Piezoelectric energy is created by the process of vibrations, friction, or static between solid materials. This can be obtained through a variety of methods, such as the friction of tires on the road, or the movement of shoes across a surface that contains piezoelectric crystals. This technology was discovered in 1880 by Jacques Curie, and has been subject to research over the past century as a potential new form of alternative energy.

The potential for piezoelectric energy seems endless with modern advances in technology, as it can and has been implemented in a variety of different outlets. For example, it is not uncommon for nightclubs in Europe to possess this technology within their very dances floors, creating energy that powers the entire establishment, from the stereo to the lighting.

Here in the United States, gyms exist in which stationary exercise equipment possesses this technology in order to power the gym. Furthermore, the greatest potential for piezoelectric energy seems to lie in the outlet of highway and road construction. Piezoelectric crystals that are placed under these surfaces that experience the vibrations of thousands of vehicles and pedestrians a day have the potential to power entire towns and communities, perhaps even nations and the world. This technology is one of the most up-and-coming in alternative fuel exploration and will most likely be implemented into a variety of technologies in the future

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