Peril & Promise: How indigenous communities and artists capture solar energy

Lakota Elder Henry Red Cloud says reverence for “the life force of the sun” is nothing new to his people: “It’s in our culture; our song, our dance, our ceremonies.” Solar energy has become an increasingly affordable alternative to fossil fuel in recent years; in our latest episode of Planet Forward, seen on PBS's Peril and Promise and produced in association with ASU's Global Futures Laboratory, we meet two individuals looking to the sun for inspiration to move the planet forward. First, Red Cloud, who owns the 100% Native-Owned and Operated Lakota Solar Enterprises, shares how he is channeling the renewable energy source to create economic opportunity in his community while mitigating harmful effects to the environment in which we live. Then, Simone Ameer, a student at Middlebury College, who shared her story on the aesthetics — and enduring nature — of solar panels. To Ameer, solar panels are not only practical and functional, but — yes — beautiful, too.

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