PARC Hydrodynamic Separation (HDS) for cleaning water

PARC’s breakthrough clean water platform technology, Hydrodynamic Separation (HDS), can potentially provide multiple benefits, such as: Compact form factor – ideal for space- and weight-constrained sites; Modular and scalable – easily increase or decrease volume capacity; Low energy operation – can be used in a low pressure (i.e., gravity fed); Low operating and maintenance costs – contains no moving parts or physical filters; Reduction in cap-ex – potential reductions in real-estate needs due to small footprint; Separation of “neutrally buoyant” material – efficient separation of suspended particles, flocs, and organics

Potential applications include:
Produced and flowback water treatment in oil and gas extraction; Wastewater (industrial and municipal) treatment; Seawater intake and pre-treatment for reverse osmosis desalination; Process water, cooling tower, bilge water, mining water; Algae dewatering
Recovery of precious resources from water; Particulate removal from rainwater; Separation of oil or other emulsions from water; Distributed / on-site water treatment; Other liquid treatment processes

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