Over a third of your gas bill can be saved.

This winter alone, (2010) the DOE forecast individual households will spend $786 in natural gas heating costs.

As Spring arrives most of us are thankful for the reduced heating and utility costs associated with rising gas costs, and are thankful for an end to a long, harsh Midwestern winter.

While the warmer season brings thoughts of mulch, sod and trimming grass, many homeowner’s associations and property management firms may not have considered the continued additional utility costs associated with natural gas powered, post lantern lights, existing in many Ohio homeowner yards, garden pathways and private streets.

While these lights are elegant, charming, and quaintly light the way, many associations may be overlooking the huge savings involved in converting natural gas lights to low-voltage electric. By simply converting one post lantern light, a homeowner will save over $300 – and that’s only one home!!! Imagine the savings involved in neighborhoods with hundreds or even thousands of lights?? Not to mention the 2000 pounds of carbon expelled into the atmosphere.

Many homeowners, as a result of rising gas costs, have turned off gaslights, which alters neighborhood aesthetics, not to mention the safety issues for neighborhoods without electric streetlights.

A Low Voltage gas light conversion kit is safest and easy solution to install. No Lic. required. Check with your local electrical building codes.

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