Osorb® Oil Spill Cleanup

Osorb is a new technology that can absorb herbicides, pesticides, oils, gases, pharmaceuticals and many other water contaminants out of water. It is a glass that rapidly swells to pull small, organic compounds into its matrix. It is hyper hydrophobic (repels water), making it ideal for water treatment. Osorb has also been modified to reductively dechlorinate dangerous solvents that leach into groundwater. Modified versions of Osorb act as a self-controlled machine--one that scavenges for pollutants, captures them, breaks them down, and releases harmless byproducts as it prepares to find other hazardous compounds dissolved in water. Osorb provides solutions for ground, surface, and municipal water contamination. The material is so perfectly matched for water remediation that stormwater runoff solutions like rain gardens are noticeably improved with a mere 1% addition of Osorb to a layer of top soil. Moreover, because the material is essentially its own machine, water treatment systems created with the technology are energy-efficient, sustainable, and remediate contaminated water to surpass current standards and regulations.

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