Orange County, NC, plans for a green future

In September of 2017, the Commissioners of Orange County, North Carolina, pledged to source 100% of their energy needs from renewable sources by 2050. As leadership from the federal government fails to recognize the urgency in transitioning to clean energy sources, individual cities and states are picking up the slack. However, with county and town resources already stretched, the creation of a concrete plan has yet to take shape.

Another county-wide effort to promote healthier citizens and environment is the Orange County Food Council, which seeks to raise awareness of food insecurity in one of the wealthiest counties in the state, and provide direction in navigating those community resources that provide relief. Formed in 2016 as a response to community requests, the Council operates on many several fronts, including promoting economic partnerships among local farmers and businesses and connecting food-insecure populations with assistance. 

Mayor Tom Stevens of Hillsborough, the seat of Orange County, believes that such initiatives do not exist in a vacuum, but actively inform each other and contribute to a holistic vision of health and wellbeing for citizens and the environment that we share. 

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