Mission Zero House: A Net-Zero Renovation of a Historic House

There are 130 million homes in the U.S. and they are responsible for 25% of the nation's green house gas emissions. Yet little attention is paid to retrofitting the existing housing stock.

We have completed the net zero energy rehab of our 111-year-old historic folk-Victorian home in Ann Arbor, MI. A Net-Zero Energy Home (also called Zero Energy Home) is a home that produces as much or more energy than the occupants consume. This is accomplished by first reducing energy demand, typically by 60% - 70%, then meeting that demand by adding on-site renewable energy. We were inspired by the challenge of the late Ray Anderson, the founder of Interface, Inc., to create a society with zero environmental footprint.

We are now fulfilling our family’s goal to create a Living Building by rehabilitating a home that creates its own energy, creates zero waste and will be a restorative part of our community. In March 2011, we paid our last utility bill . . . Ever. Our home is believed to be the oldest home in America to achieve net zero energy. USA Today honored the home as one of the "Best Green Houses of 2010"

Learn more at http://www.missionzerohouse.com

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