Meet the Storyfest Finalists: Shelby Thomas

Shelby Thomas is a junior at the University of Florida studying marine science and microbiology. She heard of Planet Forward’s Storyfest 2016 through the Challenge 2050 director, Anthony Adenoro. For her submission, Shelby created a video that focused on reversing global warming through the creation of a device that would orbit the planet collecting greenhouse gases.

We asked her a few questions to learn more about her entry.

Q: What is your innovation? Describe it for those who have never heard of it.

A: This innovation combines chemistry, physics and engineering to create a potential filter device that can help decrease greenhouse gases to a normal healthy state that promotes optimal conditions for life on earth.

Q: What was your inspiration behind this innovation? How did you come up with this idea?

A: My inspiration for the idea came to me when I was sitting in a seminar about beach renourishment. I was listening to all the problems we are facing not only in our oceans but around the globe. I became curious and turned my curiosity to problem solving ... I knew in order to help a lot of our problems we must not only stop the addition of greenhouse gases, but begin to decrease them as well.

Q: What was the process behind creating your submission? Why did you choose to communicate your innovation through this video format?

A: I applied because I (met) the wonderful director of Challenge 2050 and he suggested that I apply for One World ... I presented my idea here at the One World Event at UF. I decided to share my idea because I truly want this to happen to help better our world. I choose this video format because it was easier for me to voice my idea.

Q: Why is this innovation so important to you? Why do you think it is one of the most essential methods to help sustainable cities?

A: This innovation is certainly important to me because I see true value in the health of our planet and I truly believe that we can begin to fix the damage we have caused it just takes the right steps to get there.


(Editor's note: Answers edited for grammar and spelling.)

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