Food sustainability: Can a meat eater and a vegan coexist?

Dylan Wright and I came up with this idea of making a podcast about food sustainability. Dylan has been hunting his own meat for years, and I have been vegan for years. Both of us believe that taking responsibility for our own food consumption plays a role in being more sustainable in our everyday lives. While we both take very different approaches to food consumption, we think that people with opposing ideas can still make small steps towards food sustainability in their own way, depending on their individualized position in the world. In our podcast, we discuss the importance of open communication between people who have different opinions than you. The only way we can move our planet forward is through being open-minded and willing to hear other people's viewpoints. We also talk to Nick Ryan, who is the owner of an all-vegan restaurant here in Syracuse. He discusses the need for small steps in creating a greater change, and the importance of education for creating a greener future in our food systems.

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