Looking to Nature for a New Take on Energy

Hi, I’m Peter. We are going to continue the exploration of The Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law with this introductory power point presentation. The basis of the Radius of Curvature concept derives from an expanded version of Einstein’s E=MC2 equation, whose roots can be traced to Einstein’s 1928 incomplete but testable (and tested) portions of his unified field theory. http://www.relaxspa.net/TheRadiusOfCurvature12-28-10PPShow2003.pps

As my comment questioned on Space Daily news’s article of April 9th 2011 entitled The 'Molecular Octopus': A Little Brother of 'Schroedinger's Cat', "How could science be so close for so long (late 1940's) and still not comprehend superposition and the Wave particle duality?" I referenced my 2001 article Expanding The Window to Reality II “Dice, Schrodinger's Cat, Insurance Statistics & Common Sense” a foundational awareness that comes with the application of the Radius of Curvature. http://www.relaxspa.net/Sustainable/Lifestyles%20Unlimited%20Spring%2020...

The repercussions of continuing the stalemate in the idling standard model of physics, creating the “hidden variables’ referenced by David Bohm, or the foundational problems in the “Trouble with Physics by Leo Smolin cannot be overstated. When great advances are made in science, we must continually be on guard not to close the doors to future progress. It is dangerous indeed, when the proclamation comes down from “Newton’s Chair” that “almost everything is known, and what little is missing, would not make a difference in 50 million years.

That kind of belief can strangle a whole planet, as the state of the world today is beginning to attest.

The contemporary, tiny, flat world, scientific energy definition box has got to go if we as a
civilization are to survive, evolve, and equate Modern Science with the Quality of Life for all.

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