Large Ships Generate Abundant Electricity

Large particles of slow moving mass in the forms of ships and vessels rise and fall every day with the incoming and outgoing tide. The rising tide literally lifts all boats. Attaching these vessels to a stationary platform and a gearing system can turn that immense amount of kinetic energy into electricity. Although the idea is a relatively simple one, the principles of torque mechanics have yet to be fully explored or applied in terms of electricity production. Our goal is to raise funds for an initial simulated prototype, which will pave the way for larger developments, prototypes and other applications. The smaller a particle is, the faster it needs to move to create energy. But the larger a particle is, the slower it needs to move to generate electricity. The tide provides a free reload, and because the tides are known and constant, we can design a gearing system to insure continuous reliable power, and therefore address a major shortcoming of currently available renewables. Two other major shortcomings are cost and scalability, which Nautical Torque has the unique ability to address as well.
What we need now is support and word of mouth. If you believe a sustainable energy future is possible, then please visit our indie gogo campaign page and contribute. Every dollar counts no matter how small. Thankyou and please spread the word if this idea resonates with you.

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