Innovative New Ways to Recycle Household Junk

Since November 15th was America Recycles Day what would be more fitting than tips on recycling. Recycling is extremely important to help reduce our impact on the environment. Some key reasons to recycle are: it saves energy, it helps the environment, allows for more conservation of resources, and most importantly IT’S EASY!

Now to tougher things, we know that paper, plastic and cans can be recycled, but there's a lot more out there that can be recycled too. What are they? Where can you recycle them? Well here’s a quick guide providing useful tips and information on recycling:

1) Besides plastic, paper, and metals, there are many other things that can be recycled. Not sure if your old paint is recyclabe? Check it out. Recycle Now has a handy guide that lets you determine what is recyclable.

2) So you know, the motor oil you have sitting in your garage is recyclable, but where can you bring it? Earth 911 has this handy search that allows you to find local recycling centers.

3) So you’ve dropped off paper, plastic, cardboard boxes, and old electronics at your local recycling center. Now, what actually happens to these things?

4) With technology changing so fast, what should you do with those old unwanted electronics? The EPA has launched an eCycling program providing resources to consumers and industry to create a responsible means of dealing with unwanted and outdated electronics.

5) Lastly, there are definitely cool arts and crafts projects you can do with recyclable materials like bottles, CDs, cans and cartons. You can even make art out of old light bulbs!

Using these tips everyday can be America Recycles Day!

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