Hydraulic Power Generation Through Human Workouts

My idea is actually very simple. To convert the human workout into electricity via the "green living" exercise center! No, not putting a generator on a stationary bike. By using a hydraulic resistance workout "system", I would like to create, store, and regulate air pressure into a large compressed air tank.

By using the mechanical advantage of hydraulics, I would convert the air pressure into a hydraulic pump that turns a large flywheel.

Connected to the flywheel(s) by reduction gears is a series of large generators the size of which are in readily available wind turbines. Depending on the amount of air pressure that is being created, stored, and delivered, would dictate the number of generators being driven and how much energy that would be produced. The goal is to create enough energy to power the exercise center and to put renewable energy back into the electrical grid. Also to promote a more healthy lifestyle for people of all ages while contributing to the health of our planet.

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