Help the Jobless by Converting Fossil Fuel Automobiles to Renewable Transportation

I found this federal bureaucracy on the web. Sent them my idea that could save the morale of our citizens and reduce so much unnecessary suffering when the price of [imported] oil shoots up. So far I have received no reply.

Energy Workforce Study

This study explores the labor market and workforce needs of the energy sector (such as renewable, electric, nuclear, oil, natural gas, and mining industries). ETA will utilize the Department of Energy’s expertise in the energy sector to carry out the research. The study began in June 2008 and is expected to conclude in June 2010.

Dear Wayne Gordon,

I want to very briefly outline my thought for a jobs training program that I am quite sure you have already thought of. Therefore what I would like is to hear how the idea is progressing. This concept is obviously so well suited to all the challenges our country confronts today, I have no doubt it should be highly politically palatable to an administration seeking a remedy to otherwise seemingly intractable and yet urgent challenges.

The concept is for a program focused on converting old junker cars that are deemed to still be salvageable for the purpose of conversion into plug in electric vehicles. Of course, given the current state of the art, the resultant electric car would be quite limited on a variety of parameters, most notably range.

I myself have been quite happy doing most of my driving around town in a Zenn electric car despite the diminutive 26 mile range and 26 mph top speed. For most chores it is quite an adequate second car.

The point is, it is delightfully motivating to know I am making some contribution to breaking our addiction to foreign oil. To tell you the truth, I am very happy with a car that never needs maintenance and never requires visiting a service station.

My concept of the proposed federally subsidized project would basically go as follows:

  • Priority for training would go to workers who have been unemployed for an extended period of time and welcome the opportunity to attain the skills in question
  • American citizens with a car they would like converted from fossil fuel to plug in electricity would be eligible candidates for the free conversion.

The project would basically look like the old High School auto shop setup. Actually I expect the process would, in fact. be much simpler and cheaper.

Simple, simple, simple. But, you must admit, urgently needed. Need I elaborate on the importance of gaining our freedom from foreign oil. I think not.

Please do have someone call or email and tell me how this idea is going. Thank you for your kind attention.

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