Heliostat Home Heater

A heliostat is a special mirror with a guidance device that can keep sunlight reflected toward the same target all day without straying off-target. It is just a mirror but you need to keep it trained on the same spot for it to work. It is a bit like a telescope with a tracking device, so that you don't need to move your telescope every minute or the moon or Jupiter will move out of your sight as Earth rotates. Well, the same thing happens to solar energy when the sun moves across the sky and the heliostat must keep readjusting itself to keep the beneficial sunlight trained toward the intended target. As far as the intended target goes, it can be anything that you want. It can be much hotter or just warm enough to heat the interior of your home. In my video, I hope to give you a rough idea of how a heliostat works. I see great promise for solar energy by ideas like this; solar energy is much more than just converting sunlight into electricity or charging batteries.

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