Healthy green planet

Old and new technology in solar and wind technologies at a variety of other, can be applied
in, producing, developing environmentally friendly sources of clean electricity. Solar panels
have been around for a long time, and currently government money and research are being
directed towards improving efficiency and quality. This source, is an
excellent venue for sources of green alternative energy solutions applicable today.

There are more economic and taxpayer friendly methods to create green energy that big
money and big business have the American public bamboozled in accepting. Many companies
have developed green energy systems. How about if American leads the world in this global
effort to develop green alternative energy in this way. The public as well as business can utilize
a system that incorporates their very business building and or home. This design will use the
existing ‘grid’, and if more is needed we will use the latest technology called ‘carbon fiber’
transmission lines. Technology Review 10 Emerging Technologies /Infotech/14407/.

There is no need to destroy the harmony and tranquility of the environment by imposing monolithic wind turbines and vast solar panel farms on the American public.

This systems proposal is non-intrusive, non-propeller wind turbine connected to three backups:
solar panel, rechargeable batteries, and generator. The system calls for the reduction of voltage
to 12 volt systems for all appliances, just like the 12 volt systems of the early trailer home. The
entire system will provide all the energy needed per household or business while stationed at site.

This way every home and business edifice is an independent green energy producer. The USA
can generate enough energy to help supply our border neighbors. These emerging technologies
will save the American taxpayer money and resources while creating businesses-jobs locally to
make and install each system, (minimum maintenance needed).

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