Green Roof Initiative

Green Roof

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry established a Green Roof back in 2012 on top of the new Gateway Center, which was was also established in 2012. Green roofs slow the runoff, and absorb up to 80% of rainwater that would have normally flooded the sewage below. They reduce the need for heating in the winter because of their insulation. A green roof also reduces the need for cooling in the summer with transpiration helping to lower the temperature of the roof.

They also provide a habitat for diverse organisms such as butterflies, slugs, snails, and birds. The green roof utilizes native, flood tolerant plants, that have a high capacity for water absorption and storage. They are economical and have provide great benefits for any building establishment containing a green roof. I believe that every college, university or home should have a green roof to increase habitat for organisms that have lost their habitat from buildings, and reduce runoff. I love the green roof garden, because it's simple, easy and fun.

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