Green Refrigeration, Cooling and Heat Pumps

All living cells, virtually from the beginning of life on Earth, have used what is referred to as a Proton-Pump to move nutrients, elements and molecules within and between them. Fuel-cell engineers have developed their fuel-cells with components that can be used as a proton-pump without truly appreciating that potential. Current technology, for refrigeration and heat-pumps, uses compressor-motors to circulate often harmful, ozone-unfriendly refrigerants. Our team has developed technology that is essentially a proton-pump that can circulate green refrigerants, without the need for a motor. This means refrigeration can be highly efficient, green and noiseless. We intend to develop, and mass-produce, a range of products that will displace existing electro-mechanical compressors with our electro-chemical "Kuel-Cell" compressors. Learn more here.

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