Getting Involved in Green Week at the University of Mississippi

Green Week is a community building relationship with the University of Mississippi to learn more about sustainability. Residents in Oxford, students at the University, and other guests come and join together to form a community built celebration of events known as Green Week.
Anne McCauley, Assistant Director in the office of Assisting Ability, explains what Green Week is and its future plans of 2014. Green Week is a week long event revolving around sustainability and activities such as recycling and tree planting are organized around the community to help this cause. 
“I think Green Week is successful in some ways,” says McCauley. She explains how Green Week is successful with it being around Earth Day as well however, it would be more successful if the events went on throughout the year and not just towards the end. Green Week generally serves as a successful week because of it’s overall purpose and awareness it raises. 
“The schedule this year is really exciting. We have a big exhibit we’re working on and we’re in the process of finalizing all of those details. If it comes together, it will be our biggest event yet” McCauley says. An eco fashion show takes place for the third year in a row and hopes to be the best one yet as well. “I can’t release too many details, so you’ll have to wait and see,” says McCauley as she leaves.

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