Fully Integrated Sustainability at Oberlin College

This is an entry in the 2013 Climate Leadership Awards - click here to vote for the best in campus sustainability.

Oberlin's commitment to sustainability isn't secluded to a single office or project, but something that's integrated throughout campus from engaging prospective students to the Office of the President. Advancing our sustainability goals has led to some exciting developments on campus including the signing of the ACUPCC, construction of the largest solar array on any liberal arts college campus, the second most extensive local food cooperative network in America, and the Adam Joseph Lewis Center, named "the most important green building of the last thirty years." Take a glance at a variety creative, innovative of sustainability-related projects on campus!

This video was created for Second Nature's 2013 Climate Leadership Awards.

Kirk Pearson, Director, Editor, Composer, Camera
Daniel Schloss, Second Unit Director
Mika Johnson, Cinematography
Jake Hochendoner, Director of Photography
Bridget Flynn, Producer

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