Food + Innovation = Local Farming

Blue Skys Farm is a small farm located in Cranston, Rhode Island that is operated by Christina Dedora. The farm is about 2 acres of land and is currently producing lettuce, arugula, and spinach. This farm produces different fruits and vegetables year round, and sells them 5 to 20 miles away at local farmer’s markets.

Blue Skys Farm is chemical free and keeps a low carbon footprint by selling the food in a close proximity to the farm. By selling the food so close to home the flavor is being preserved and they expend a minimal amount of fossil fuels. Dedora believes that local farmers are crucial to small local economy, due to the importance of keeping local dollars locally spent. Food + Innovation = Local farming, in that an innovating way to incorporate sustainable food into the local community is to turn to local farmers. Not only do they need the support, but they are working to benefit the local consumer, and the food is freshest when it is right in your backyard.

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