Food + Innovation = Chemical Free Honey

Aquidneck Honey is located in Middletown, R.I.

When owner of Aquidneck Honey, Jeff Mello realized the importance of bees in our food supply, his whole life changed. This man of many trades decided to become a best friend to his worst enemy. He became dedicated to beekeeping, while deathly allergic to bees. He is so passionate about keeping the bees alive and well, that he dedicates his whole life to this business. His hives are completely chemical free, and he has designed a software to have the same preventative methods as pesticides, while keeping chemicals far away from his bees and honey. He believes using those chemicals will decrease the bee population and ultimately end the human population. He infuses the honey with different natural flavors, most of which he grows himself. He discovered a way to create a delicious product, with ground breaking technology that allows honey bees to thrive by living off the honey they produce, while supporting the local bee population.  Food + Innovation = Chemical Free Honey, because if it wasn't for this innovating food method, the decreasing bee population could cause a decrease in our very own population as well. Not to mention, this solution tastes delicious. From the farm to the fork, everyone is satisfied!


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