Food + Innovation = ?

The Practical Utility Platform

The Challenge: Rural Transportation and Farm Power

Many developing countries are challenged by poor roads in rural areas and few affordable transport options. Without good transportation, access to food, farm inputs, education, and markets is limited. Also, many farms have no affordable mechanical power inputs. Most work is done by hand, which is inefficient.

The Solution: The Practical Utility Platform

The Practical Utility Platform (PUP) is a utility vehicle designed to provide transportation in rural areas and power to farms. It can haul up to 2000 pounds on road or off road. The vehicle can power attachments like water pumps for irrigation or grain grinders for food processing. In addition, it can pull small field implements, like tillers and planters. The PUP is designed to be locally manufactured and maintained. The cost to build one is less than 2000 USD.

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