Food for thought

My goal is not to revolutionize the food climate nationally with "farm to table" or "organic" concepts or even to throw shade on delivery and meal prep services - all of these services have their pros and cons and and are always evolving with our changing world. I am aiming to narrate a fundamental disconnect that I see present, I don't think adding an organic label or shutting down GrubHub will foster a connection that people didn't have in the first place, rather introducing small mental changes to cherish the food in our lives. 

My plan is to create a podcast that, generally, exposes the audience to a more intimate, involved, and familial relationship with the process of food acquiring as an alternative to the current outlook on food in the U.S. (which includes fast food, restaurants, technology advances, social media, delivery services, and meal prepping services).

After interviewing my star speaker, it dawned upon me that my food consciousness might need some improvements. Our future, indubitably, includes technology. As a society we need to create a system of healthy, environmentally friendly, efficient, and affordable food production and distribution methods that embrace technological advances if we want to work towards a more sustainable future.

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