FlexEnergy: Making the Most of Methane

FlexEnergy manufactures technology that resolves methane gas pollution and the need for renewable energy. And it does so with two technologies.

The Flex Powerstation produces electricity from the widest range of fuels down to as low as 5% methane. It can be used in any application that produces methane such as landfills, waste water treatment plants, oil fields, coal mines and dairy digesters. The technology produces Near Zero Emissions
, operates on gases down to 50 Btu/scf (1700 kJ/m3), has an internal cogeneration system available and has a small footprint.

The Flex Turbine MT250 is capable of running on a variety of fuel gases – from pipeline-quality natural gas to oilfield associated gas to biogas. It also meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards, which are the strictest standards in the world. It provides a number of operations that produce or use methane, the main component of natural gas, with a clean and efficient way to turn it into continuous energy.

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