FLeX House: Construction in Florida's Rainy Season

FLeX House is designed in a holistic way as a sustainable, pre-fabricated, maximized efficiency house prototype that can adapt easily to different site situations and plan configurations. FLeX House is a prefabricated net zero energy home prototype that combines the wisdom of vernacular Florida architecture with cutting edge approaches to renewable energy.

FLeX House is a “starter home” for a young, moderate-income couple living in Florida. By design, FLeX House can adapt easily to different site situations and plan configurations. As a family grows, modules can be added to expand the living space.

Team Florida designed FLeX House with Florida’s hot, humid climate in mind. FLeX House utilizes both passive and mechanical systems to provide a comfortable living environment year-round. One of the most striking surface features of the house serves as a key passive cooling strategy. A system of cypress louvers covers the house, providing shade and preventing heat gain during the hottest summer months. The louvers are movable, much like window blinds, and can be adjusted to let it light as needed.

FLeX House construction began in May, and is now over 70 percent complete. The process has been covered by multiple major media outlets in the Tampa Bay area. The house is scheduled for completion the first week of September even though we have experienced delays due to unforeseen circumstances, such as poor weather.

FLeX House is Team Florida’s entry in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011.

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