Fighting unemployment and saving the world one resume at a time

With over 10.5 million unemployed individuals collecting unemployment has created a virtual service that allows these unemployed individuals to stay at home and not waste gas when looking for free unemployment help. One of the biggest issues that unemployed individuals have is having to spend money they don't have, especially on gas. So, to get these individuals off the street introduced a free resume rewriting service which is only available online. This free service allows individuals to stay at home and have their resume reviewed and rewritten instead of having to drive to an unemployment office and adding more carbon dioxide to our already fragile environment. is the only nonprofit organization in the country that is offering free unemployment services online without adding one carbon footprint to the environment. doesn't use any paper and on-top-of-that all of HelpMyResume's 2,400 volunteers and employees work from home, so volunteers and employeess of HelpMyResume don't add to the emissions problem. is currently working with government officials to mandate that every person in America collecting unemployment through the newly established FedEd Program must send their resume to If we can get the government behind this initiative we will be fighting unemployment and reducing carbon emissions, fighting unemployment and saving the world one resume at a time.

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