From bike lanes to bands on Euclid: Inspiring a movement

“Bike Lanes on Euclid” is a movement that has swept through the college community in Syracuse, N.Y. SUNY-ESF and Syracuse University both rely heavily on Euclid Avenue as a main street that leads into both campuses. As our society becomes more conscious about sustainability, biking to school/work is a much more appealing option for many people. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and is better for our health. But up until recently, students, and professors didn’t even feel safe biking to campus since there were no bike lanes, making the ride dangerous. Catalyzed by frustration, determination and hope, community organizers decided to make a change.

Dr. Melissa Fierke is one of the people who first started the movement “Bike Lanes on Euclid” by creating a club through school and reaching out to people in the community. This grassroots movement took about 6 years to come to fruition, forcing local officials to make bike lanes on Euclid a reality. People from all around this area have been able to reap the benefits of a more bicycle-friendly street. There are signs on almost everyone's bikes reading "Bike Lanes on Euclid," and there's even a band here on campus named after the movement. Almost every student feels very connected to this cause. This situation has proven that persistence and community-building are crucial to creating infrastructure that can then make positive environmental change.

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