Energy Beam 101: 3 Options for Payload Delivery "without building new rockets"!

Update: 3 Options to launch Energy Beam Satellites "cheaper" than the cost for a new rocket for each new satellite!

A patented "Low Earth Orbit Payload Launch System" @ uses conventional turbofan engine propulsion (for a "payload cargo bay" version of the X15 Rocket Plane) using oxygen from the atmosphere to launch from a B52 at high altitude... eliminating "on board" oxygen... and allowing engine "restart" for ordinary airplane flight back to a "home base" runway upon re-entry from LEO.

Did you ever imagine(?)... Three (3) new options to launch (payload... Energy Beam Satellites) without building new rockets:

Exchange "Energy Beam Satellites" for "war heads" on solid fuel ICBM rockets that can be launched in "the next ten minutes"! For 30 years, these rockets have been "ready and available".

Why spend more money to maintain armed missiles when there are more than enough "ready to fly" ICBMs for National Defense?.

Why not get tangible economic "return on investment" instead of "burning money" for these rockets... year after year.

2. A first "Space Elevator" will cost 15 Billion dollars (according to Bradley C. Edwards).

talks about "Infrastructure for the Future", then "borrows and spends" hundreds of Billions on "shovel ready" pot hole technology or "entitlement government sector" bureaucracy.

Why not develop new Space Elevator technology to open Space to "everyday trade and commerce"! It is money well spent... Space Elevators will deliver "Payload" (SSP Satellites) to LEO at "ordinary freight" rates!

X Plane Technology (with a "new" payload bay) is "on the shelf" since the 1970s to provide "manned" launch and maintenance service" for SSP satellites without any new astronomical development cost.

Innovation "is" practical application of technology into the daily "business life" of society.

Innovation is a question of "return on investment".

Innovation must become "personal" to every ordinary individual citizen.

Please comment to facilitate "Progress and Prosperity"... that is the mandate, opportunity and blessing available developing and deploying Energy Beam Technology

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