EM2: General Atomics' new "convert and burn" clean energy-producing reactor that runs on nuclear waste

EM2 is a revolutionary new compact fast reactor that actually runs on the spent-fuel waste of conventional nuclear reactors -- a producing a virtually unlimited electricity supply with no greenhouse gases.

General Atomic’s EM2 has the capability of helping solve the $100-billion problem of America’s current nuclear waste stockpile, and harnessing its enormous unused energy. Our nation’s stockpile holds the energy equivalent of 40 Saudi Arabias. Burying it in underground repositories will cost an estimated $100 billion. Spend billions or recycle so effectively we can help end U.S. dependence on foreign oil?

EM2 is the Energy Multipler Module: virtually unlimited energy production, economically competitive with minimal waste (only 3% of conventional light-water reactors). Created by the Energy and Advanced Concepts group of General Atomics, a San Diego-based technology company with more than a half-century of world-changing innovation.

In addition to clean tech, this great technology offers seriously improved safety and flexibility: No water needed, so it can be sited anywhere – away from vulnerable coasts and heavily populated areas like Southern California’s troubled San Onofre nuclear plant, with 7.4 million people and a major military base within a 30-mile radius.

EM2 is like using the lumber-mill sawdust without ever having to cut timber again.

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