EcoTech Fuels Develops a Synthetic Racing Fuel

EcoTech Fuels plans to put the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota on the high performance racing map. ETF will be manufacturing a superior 138-plus octane racing fuel, TorqazineRF, at the Red Shirt Table landfill site.

“If Torqazine performs as expected, it is better suited for the race industry than any other alcohol fuels currently being used,” said performance fuel expert Andy Wicks of DynoTune USA.
The project, approved in an MOU signed by the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, will help the Tribe solve its waste management problems, for which it paid $63,000 in fines in 2009.

The $69 million plant will take approximately 22 months to design, build and put into operation.

According to company president, Linda-Rose Myers, Pine Ridge Racing Fuels will convert 100 tons per day of regional trash, plastics and tires into approximately 320 barrels per day of advanced synfuels. “We see this plant as a great opportunity for economic development in the one of the poorest rural areas in America,” said Myers. “In addition to the 40 jobs created by the racing fuels plant, we will establish a small business incubator to support the development of spin-off industries.”

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