Share your stories about organizations that are making it easier—on us and our wallets—to reduce our carbon footprint.


Are you looking for ways to cut carbon pollution as the temperatures drop this winter? How would you feel about donning full winter gear instead of switching on the indoor heat? How about waking up to a nice, cold shower? Sound invigorating? I tried it this morning…I can think of another word for it.

Let’s be real: If we’re going to reach the uninitiated, we have to make it easy to cut carbon pollution—that means less time, less hassle, and in the case of the cold shower, less anguish.

Most of us have so many demands on our time and attention that, on our daily to-do list, trimming our carbon footprint falls somewhere in line after starting that new diet or reorganizing the garage. That doesn't mean we don't care about the planet and the future of humanity. It just means we need help to break the problem down to a more actionable scale—ideally one with a slightly less paralyzing effect on our motivation.


Alas, calculating and cutting greenhouse gas emissions is not just about doing the right thing. It's about money too (the other "green"). No matter how easy it is to reduce our footprint, the classic question remains: “What’s in it for me?”

At first blush, doing right by the planet seems to cost more, but major companies are reconsidering that outdated notion. In fact, a growing number of organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) exist purely to make it easier and more cost-effective for us to cut carbon. For those of us who are not already inclined to go green, we look to these organizations to save us money, make us money, or at least offer a superior product/service.


Who are some these organizations? Why do they want to help us reduce our carbon footprint, how do they do it, and why should we buy what they’re selling?

Make your case here on “Easy Green, Easy Money,” brought to you courtesy of PlanetForward.org.

Pete Fargo
MBA Candidate
The George Washington University

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