Don't make left turns

When we think of UPS, the first image that comes to mind is the brown UPS truck. Now I've seen a dozen clowns crowd into a VW Beetle, but I don't know of any way a global business like UPS could fit all the packages they ship into a Prius. So how does a business completely based on transporting packages from point A to point B go green? They don't make left turns-or at least as few as possible, according to Lynette McIntyre, UPS director of corporate reputation management who spoke during the New Green Economy Conference at the Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. Left turns keep their drivers "stuck at intersections, wasting fuel," said McIntyre. Not making left turns is just one of the small ways UPS has greened their operations, but even the iconic brown truck is designed to be more fuel efficient due to its dark color, lightweight material and the roof is actually a panel that allows light to come in and circle the air flow to allow natural light and air into the truck. At the same symposium, titled the The Greening of Products and Operations: The Business Perspective, Chris Lloyd of Verizon said that the company directly contributes 2 percent of green-house gases though its communications technology. To greenify the business, one step the company took was to require all equipment to be 20 percent more efficient. Business funding towards green initiatives in the U.S. ranked third in philanthropy categories, according to the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College and from what I've heard today, it appears that businesses are taking on an economic and social responsibility to create a livable earth.

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