District heating and cooling from Denmark Part 3 of 3 "Just imagine"

With over 60% of Danish buildings receiving heating and hot water via District Heating (80% of which comes from surplus energy sources) Denmark is the world leader in District Heating and Cooling Technology. District Heating has played a vital role in reducing Danish energy consumption, to the extent that Denmark has been self-sufficient energy-wise since 1997. With District heating and cooling technology Denmark has reduced CO2 emissions per sq. metre, the share of fossil fuel consumption per sq. metre, and the total energy consumption per sq. metre for space and water heating. In terms of combating climate change and reducing CO2 emissions, no other technology offers industrial nations the potential of meeting the requirements of energy saving and emissions reduction, without affecting the standard of living and productivity of the nation. This information film, produced for the Danish District Heating Marketing Foundation and the Danish Board of District Heating illustrates how Danish technology and expertise may play a vital role in helping other nations achieve better energy efficiency and reduced emissions. For further information see http://www.dbdh.dk

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