DC's Flood Wall: Protecting the National Mall

By Morgan Weil and Haley Milon

In 2005, New Orleans' levies failed to protect its residents from the force of Hurricane Katrina. While Washington DC's does not face the same level of threat from storms as New Orleans, DC's chief environmental official, Christophe Tulou, has devised a plan to protect the nation's capital from storm damage. The flood wall is 9 ft tall and will protect the national mall and its monuments from storm surges.

Natural disasters are supposed to happen in order for the earth to evolve. It is, indeed, a natural re-occurring process. Global warming, however, is not. It is man-made and harms our planet we call home. Climate is changing, sea levels are rising, and all the while our earth is becoming more vulnerable. How can we survive and minimize the damages that natural disasters and global warming induce. By adapting to the walls of the future! Flood walls can help prevent or pacify the destruction that flooding has on the environment while being one with nature. Sometimes battling with nature is not the answer and adapting is. The future holds great promise so adapting to our environment as well as sustaining our planet is the first step.

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