Creating a sustainable city through composting

According the the Environmental Protection Agency, about one-third of what we're throwing in the trash could actually be composted instead.  Composting is a practice that can help reduce the amount of waste in our landfills, where harmful gases, such as methane, are released into the atmosphere.  The Compost Pedallers in Austin, Texas have developed a creative initiative to increase composting in their community, ultimately enriching soil to help the local food system and making the city more sustainable.  They travel to participating homes on tricycles and collect their composted materials, which they bring to local farms and gardens where more local food can be grown using the compost.  Their program has helped make Austin a greener city, and ideas like theirs could ultimately revolutionize the food waste issue in our country.  Composting is something everyone can do right from their home, and it could make a huge difference for our planet.

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