Create Incentives for Nuclear Power Generation

The recent Shell Oil energy outlook is widely shared by energy economists. The gains we will make in green energy production are way short of meeting increasing global energy demand. Fossil fuel use will grow and carbon capture and sequestration in quantities sufficient to reduce net emissions is unrealistic. By 2050 global warming will be the grim reaper unless the energy conumdrum is solved. The advantages of Gen IV molten salt reactors (LFTRs) over current light water reactor technology gives us hope. With 15 years development, LFTR power generation can come on line with sufficient energy density to begin displacing carbon - provided we begin now. I advocate policy initiatives that create an environment of regulation, permitting and conditions favoring long term capitalization for this new industry. Nations must find the collaborative will to face our energy future and acknowledge renewables cannot supplant carbon without Gen IV nuclear as a major part of the effort.


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