Copper Wiring Reduces Waste and Increases Output

As a product: Carrier Line is a cable used between a PV Solar Panel and an inverter; when properly configured this cable increases the output of the inverter by 30-60%. The cable works with any type of panel and inverter, it can be installed for new or existing systems.

The discovery of this patented technology was by Dr. Kinjoh PhD Physics & EE, and our company TSK Corporation has funded the research to develop Carrier Line into usable products. We have a 1 megawatt solar plant in Japan using this technology and we have tested on a smaller scale for more than 1 year. Our plan is to start manufacturing and distribution March 2013.

This technology can be used for Wind Power inverter, sound and audio cables, LED lights, high power electric line (eliminates the 6-9% power loss from power transmission lines), medical imaging and many other consumer products. This technology will save on the resources used in making shielding for cables and you will need fewer solar panels to create the same amount of power, hence reducing the toxic waste from manufacturing and disposing of panels.

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