COP26 in Context: Wrapping up COP26 and coming to an agreement

A colorful sky warms up the landscape view of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China

A view of the Forbidden City from Jingshan Park in Beijing. (Daniel Mathis/Creative Commons 3.0)

Today is day 13 of COP26, the final day of the conference, and it's down to the wire. Now that it's coming to an end, how should we reflect on the conference? What discussions remain to be tackled?

  • What is the COP26 draft text — and what does it mean? This article explains how this starting document was drafted by the UK presidency and reflects what has been shared in Glasgow over COP26. Next, each delegation consulted with their country's leadership and proposed revisions. 

  • The new draft of the COP26 agreement was released early Friday. Will all 197 parties sign it, following these revisions? This CNN analysis says it includes "unprecedented language" around fossil fuels, despite pressure from the coal, oil, and gas industries, but it essentially defers more action on emissions until COP27. 

  • Together, China and U.S. say they’ll "enhance" climate action. The countries, the two largest climate polluters, vowed to do more to cut greenhouse gases in a joint “Glasgow Declaration” that commits Beijing to addressing its methane emissions. 

  • How can we measure success at COP? Why can’t the COP swoop in and save us? So how do we critically reflect on what the conference can do for us while acknowledging its shortcomings — and not giving up hope?

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