Converting kinetic energy in college gyms around the country into usable, carbon-free energy.

When using green fitness equipment, people just have to work out in order to go green. A typical 30 minute exercise routine generates 50 watts of electricity... enough to charge an iPhone six times.

People tend to be pretty resistant to changing their lifestyles in order to combat climate change. But when you take something that people do as part of a regular routine and alter it to make it green, the change is done for them.

The fitness equipment converts kinetic energy from a work out into usable, carbon-free energy that can be used to power the entire fitness center. This is especially effective considering the amount of energy that is used to power a typical gym (the machines, televisions, air-conditioners, etc.).

Universities across the country use green fitness equipment and hopefully soon it will not be considered innovative, but instead will be expected.

There are many brands that make this kind of equipment, but one in particular is ReRev. For more information go to:

If all colleges invested in this type of equipment, imagine how much energy we could save across the country!

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