College food insecurity: Eating away at student success

I first became aware of food security efforts through a friend of mine who had recently become the director of Slow Food UW. After months of hearing him rave about "good, clean, and fair food for all," I decided to volunteer. Safe to say, it was love at first vegan breadstick. I was amazed at the work this student-run operation was able to do with such limited funds and external help. From here, I began to learn about the plethora of food justice organizations all over campus. Each one had its own take on what it meant to improve food systems. However, one thing they all had in common was alleviating food insecurity on campus. College food insecurity is a vastly overlooked issue that detrimentally affects millions of students across the country. I wanted to make this video to bring attention to inspiring movements on campus that are taking initiative to directly address food security and sustainability. In a time when there are so many issues that feel like they are out of our individual control, these students are working to fix systemic problems at a local level. This video highlights their mission.

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