How climate change will effect our most vulnerable populations

The video discusses the intersection of climate change and homelessness. In an era already plagued with rising costs of housing, homelessness has been on the rise for years now.  However, climate change will only make the problem worse as sea level rise, forest fires, and other natural disasters which are expected to increase as a symptom of global rising temperatures destroy even more homes than they already have. The poorest populations will be forced out, where they will be defenseless from severe weather and subject to health complications from pollution and lack of diminishing natural resources. It will take massive infrastructure changes in the near future to accommodate for our at-risk populations, but that does not mean that there is nothing that can be done by any one person. As we saw in Chicago during the "Polar Vortex," which witnessed some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded, there remains a goodness within people to reach out to those in need. 

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