Cities, Towns, and Businesses Can Offer Incentives for Recycling

Three ideas;
1. Right now, in my town (Homestead, Fla.) the trash and recycling bill is the same. The town provides us with recycling bins - yet few of my neighbors use them. If there could be a scale on the recycling pick-up trucks; a simple way to tabulate the weight-per-person recycled per address, and that could reflect in a token way, say, in a reduced refuse bill; I think that might help.
2. Businesses could make money using plastic bags AND encourage recycled bags, if they told customers the cost is one cent to a few cents per bag.
3. I have a solar hot water heater on my home; yet few know about the money I save or the cost of solar hot water and PV systems. Public service announcements could help these struggling "green" businesses with these facts.

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