China's Future carbon emissions will rule our collective futures

Future carbon emissions will not come primarily from the currently industrialized world, but from the emerging economies, especially China. Future Green House Gas emissions from the developing economies in Asia will totally swamp reductions achieved at significant economic sacrifice in the West. In recent Copenhagen climate debates, China, which currently emits 30% more CO2 per year than the U.S., has not promised to cut actual emissions.

80% cuts in U.S. emissions will have only a tiny benefit. The bulk of our effort is best directed at helping the emerging economies conserve energy and move rapidly toward efficient solar, wind and nuclear power. Developing cheap carbon capture and sequestration is also a priority. Above all, we need to recognize that make-the-West-bear-the-burden Copenhagen proposals are meaningless and completely ineffective.

Professor Richard Muller of UC Berkeley has prepared an important analysis that should be brought to the awareness of decision makers. Information regarding how crucial the new developing economies in Asia are to averting climate catastrophe has been compiled into an article by Professor Muller which can be found at:

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